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100% Done For You System Works 24Hrs 7 Days Fully Automated...

This Is a Highly Converting System that I Have Created To Help Everyone Earn Affiliate Commissions on autopilot using our One-page funnel...

All you need to do is send traffic to your link and as long as a prospect clicks your link and buys a program or product, you will get paid a commission for any sale generated.

Our Unique and Innovative System is designed to help brand new affiliates as well as seasoned affiliates to Earn Mid To High Ticket Commissions 24/7 with zero selling or team building and recruiting. This means the funnel will do all the heavy lifting for you and all you need to do is send traffic to it.

All you need is a smartphone or a laptop and Wi-Fi to start earning daily commissions.

Another great feature of this funnel is that it is not only low entry - $7 but also has the option to purchase a commission booster for $47 to generate maximum commissions up to 80%. This unique done-for-you funnel gives you two links - one opt-in and one sales link that is cookied to you for lifetime commissions and payout on Two Tier Levels which means you get paid for all members you bring in (Tier 1) and all the members they bring in (Tier 2).

It is important to understand that we are not product pushers.

We are problem solvers.

The number 1 reason affiliates fail online is that they are confused, lost, and overwhelmed with selling, recruiting, and buying funnels and leads and quit because they do not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

All they see is time wasted, money spent, and no results.


The right offer and product(s) to share with targeted customers seeking the offer.

A highly converting funnel that sells for you with products/offers that customers need.

And targeted traffic to your funnel that lets them choose which products they wish to buy.



Fully automated funnel will :

  • Automatically Build a List For You
  • Automatically Followup Leads
  • Automatically Promote Multiple Offers
  • Close High Ticket Sales For You
  • And Qualify You To Earn Lifetime Commissions on all Closed Sales


A Highly Sought After, Converting offer.

A Highly Converting Funnel.

Quality, Targeted Traffic.

This can be quite costly for the average affiliate marketer starting out and also for those who have struggled online for years losing their faith, confidence, time, and money, testing traffic, investing in funnels & seeking the right offers to find even one winning campaign that truly works for them in all these categories.

This is why I designed this low-cost - only $7 one-page funnel system for you, and I was able to take out all the guesswork so that you don't have to figure it all out yourself.

I have spent time, money, and years testing and applying all my efforts and hard work and finally came up with a game changer that is disrupting the industry and has now gone viral seemingly overnight.

With my direct efforts and hard work, I am now able to share this one page, done for you funnel with you and your customers so you can enjoy earning commissions every day, 24/7 right to your phone and/or laptop without the hassle, time and money I've spent on perfecting this system.

Here we make it about the mission, not the commission.

People are struggling and with inflation and a shaken economy, now more than ever people need additional income to help solve their everyday financial struggles. We have an opportunity here to help so many earn extra income, prevent heartache and stress over the loss of their job, loss of a partner, or even if they become disabled themselves and can't work a traditional job.

As we mentioned earlier we are not here to push products. We are problem solvers and we have a unique system designed to help everyone.

This is a financial blessing for anyone with an open mind to try it for themselves and follow the exact success blueprint laid out to generate commissions on autopilot.

More Than 200+ Sales In A Week Made For Our Members Fully Automated By One Page Funnel...


To Start Earning With this One Page Funnel System You Just Need Follow 2 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1: Pay your $7 and Get Your One Page Funnel Opt-in Link and Sales Video Link.
  • Step 2: Send Free Or Paid Traffic To Your Links that are cookied to you for lifetime commissions

Here Is the best part... When You Send Traffic To Your One Page Funnel Link, It Will Collect Leads And Tag You Permanently which Means that Whenever Those Leads Buy Any You Will Earn Lifetime Commissions.

Our Unique System will:

  • Follow up on all your Leads Via Emails & Retargeting Ads.
  • It will Promote Multiple Offers to them.

  • And This is Done For Lifetime commissions.

You will never need to worry, stress or doubt if traffic is converting or if you are reaching the right market because the funnel targets and sends emails and uses autoresponders to keep re-targeting all traffic you purchase or free traffic you are using sharing your link.

Oftentimes, people need to see your offer over and over until they decide they are ready to buy. Once they do, you will get a commission. Set it and forget it. Truly automation at its finest.

Bottom line...We Do all the heavy lifting for you and work on Converting Your Prospects Into Customers For lifetime commissions whether you are working, sleeping, or traveling. Now that is truly exciting!

We Use Lifetime Cookies & Auto Tagging Methods Which Allows Our Members To Earn Commissions Fully Automated For a lifetime.

Think about it, any potential customer that clicks your link and buys will be cooked to you so you can keep earning over and over.

Any potential customer that does not buy today will be automatically re-targeted and be offered great programs so that when they are ready to buy, they will be automatically redirected to you so you earn on autopilot year after year. Now that's amazing and unique to this industry especially when entry is low cost and your earning potential and Return on Investment (ROI) are incredibly high.

We spend money on retargeting ads that convert to promote for you on your behalf and all you need do is purchase traffic or use free traffic to initiate potential customers and prospects to click your unique link and purchase what they desire and need.

Earning commissions on any sale generated has never been so simple and fun that anyone can do this and earn while enjoying their everyday life.

The Potential To Earn using this One Page funnel varies from low to high ticket sales and up To $2.5K+ Commissions per sale.

We are so pleased with this One Page Funnel System which is innovative and automated and remember all you need to do is send traffic to your link and let us do all the heavy lifting for you while you enjoy those 24/7 lifetime commissions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this exciting information about the One Page Funnel and we look forward to working with you.

Cheers to all your success.

Hello Dear Friends, I am Yuvraj Lushte founder of the One Page Funnel system & Affsense CPA network.

I have been working since 2013 as an internet marketer when I was a college student. I learned lots of things from my failures when I started working online on some projects.

But now I gained enough experience which helped me to earn over $2.5 million in the last 2 years.

Now my aim is to help others to achieve their goals of gaining financial freedom & live a wealthy life.

That's why I have created a super simple automated done for you system.

Don't believe us? Take a look at what our members say...

What's The Key Point Of This System?

  • System Automatically Close Low To High Tickets Sales For You
  • System Automatically Followup Via Email & ReTargeting Ads
  • Potential To Earn Up To $7-$2K Per Sale Commission
  • Every Lead Comes From Your Funnel Link Cookied For Lifetime
  • Earn 50% Commission + 10% Tier 2 Commission
  • No Setup Required
  • Just Get Your Funnel Link & Pump Free & Paid Traffic
  • Use My Secret Traffic To Earn Commissions Fast
  • Get Access To My Private FB Group
  • Get 24hrs 7 Days Support From Us

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What Is Your Work Here?

System Is 100% Done For You. So You Just Need To Do Very Simple Work.

Just Get Your One Page Funnel Link & Send Traffic To It. Use Free & Paid Traffic Methods Mentioned In Member Area.

Our System Will Start Converting Your Traffic Into Commissions 24hrs 7 Days Non Stop.

I Easily Able To Charge $100+ For This System But My Intention To Help Peoples To Make Money.

So You Just Pay Small One Time Fee For Lifetime Use Of One Page Funnel


Very Limited Time Offer:

Normally I charge Over $197

Just $7 One-Time Investment Today...

7 Days Money Back Guarantee!

If You Have Any Questions Ask Me Here:-

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